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in Life Science

What do we do

MC provides consultancy services to clients that are members in the incubator and to non-members, assigned by an institutionally driven incubator, science park or a financier. MC is active in the phase between the start-up of the project to the first equity funding.

  • We support the team around the start-up to establish a robust company.
  • Our business coaching is provided on-line via a unique web platform.
  • Consultancy services are provided in blocks at a fixed cost.
  • Member clients get support to find appropriate funding and can apply for funding from the MC Equity Fund.
  • We take the start-up from the fragile early stage of its life to a stable venture equity financed company.

Who can be member in our Incubator

A project applying for membership in the MC Incubator shall meet the following criteria:
  • Inteded use of the techology shall primary be within the Life Science area
  • The project shall include a novel technology and a preliminar business idea
  • The project shall preferable be in the phase between Seeding funding and Venture capitalisation

What kind of service do we provide?

Example of service blocks:

IP Analyse

The technology is evaluated from a business and FTO perspective.

Competence evaluation

The current business competence of the start-up team is evaluated to identify areas to improve and develop.

Business Plan

Enhance the business idea, identify potential market and market value, develop an action plan taking the idea to market.

Regulatory Evaluation

Gives a preliminary Risk Analysis and classification of product/s using MDR 2017/745 and ISO 13485:2016 plus recommendation of QA-system. Risk Analysis can be extended to full version on request.

Business Concept Validation

The robustness of the business concept/idea is validated via interviews with potential end-users, purchasers and market opinion leaders. Result in a report where improvements, next steps and other recommendations are presented.

Financial Control

Develop a Budget (P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash flow prognosis) year 1 – 3 (or longer) and establish a financial control system with basic routines and selection of the auditor.


Support the development of the start-up organisation. Establish Job Descriptions and other work routines.


Needs analysis and development of necessary contracts and agreements e.g. Shareholders Agreement, Employee contracts, Consultant agreement, etc.

Equity Plan

Develop a plan for capitalization of the start-up and establish contacts with identified investors.


Needs analysis and evaluation of providers.

Management structure

Develop/clarify chain of control in the company and establish routines for CEO, Management Team and Board of Directors.


Development of graphic profile, website, presentation materials etc.

A large network of competence

MC’s consultants has exceptional track record from taking an idea to market within the Life Science area.
They are geographically located in the Nordic countries.

MC has a large network of international business partners within the financial sector as well as on corporate level.

Services provided by an MC partner are normally discounted and at a fixed price

MC cooperates with leading firms in IP, media, IT and related services, legal, recruitment and staffing, insurance and financial services.

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